We Buy Vintage: How to Sell to MiMO

We Buy Vintage: How to Sell to MiMO

Looking to declutter or refresh your space? MiMO is always on the lookout for vintage and mid-century furniture that adds character and history to our curated collection. If you have pieces from the 50s to the 90s that are in "delicately used" and "repairable condition," we're interested in giving them a new life.

What We're Seeking

We have a keen interest in furniture and decor that captures the essence of mid-century modern, retro, and contemporary styles from the 50s through the 90s. While we love items that tell a story, we focus on those that can be lovingly restored to their former glory.

Living Room styles we like.

Bedroom styles we like.

Dining room styles we like.

Condition Is Key

The condition of your items is crucial. We're looking for pieces that have been cherished but are still in good shape — "delicately used" items that need a new home or "repairable condition" pieces ready for a makeover. Our goal is to preserve the beauty and integrity of each item we select.


Above is an example of something we would be interested in.
Above is an example of something we would NOT accept.

Selling Made Simple

We buy directly, offering a straightforward and immediate way to sell your items without the wait or uncertainty of consignment. While we aim to be fair, please understand that our purchase prices reflect the item's condition, our restoration efforts, and its future potential in our collection.

Before You Sell

To ensure a smooth process, please get in touch before bringing any items to our store. A quick conversation can help us understand what you have and save both of us time. We're selective because we strive for a collection that resonates with our vision and our customers' tastes.

Please visit our Sell To Us page and complete the form (including images) for each item that you're thinking about finding a new home for. We typically respond within a few days.

Thank You for Considering MiMO

Your decision to sell to MiMO helps us continue to offer a unique selection of vintage and mid-century designs. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and find a new home for your cherished pieces.

Explore Timeless Vintage with MiMO Decor

At MiMO Decor, we are passionate about bringing the charm and elegance of vintage into modern living spaces. Discover our carefully curated collection that can transform your space into a haven of timeless elegance. Visit us in Buffalo, NY, or explore our selection online to find the perfect vintage pieces for your home. 

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